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About "Low rate loan UK"

History of how low rate loan UK came into being to help people find the best low rate loan or Credit Card online offer

 www.low-rate-loan-uk.com was originally written and designed in 2006 by David Burton of Performance Bonus Ltd, personal loan, car loan and credit card marketing specialists.

The main purpose of setting up low rate loan UK was to develop a detailed understanding of how people, searching for a Bank or Finance company loan or hire purchase facility use the internet in their quest for an on-line credit facility.

We are also keen to gain an understanding of how finance companies and banks use contextual on-line loan advertising techniques to attract people looking to borrow money to their on-line loan and credit card offers.

Therefore this web site is intended to continue to attract increasing numbers of visitors who are looking for a loan, mortgage, hire purchase or credit card facility and by carrying relevant offers will help to put them in touch with the wide range of lenders, ready to provide loan facilities they are seeking.

And as a result, our knowledge of modern finance marketing will continue to grow and develop.

Our  details

Low rate loan UK is published by  Performance Bonus Ltd.

The full name of our company is Performance Bonus Limited and our address is Stuart House, The Back, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 5HH. Our company Registration number is: 4326332.

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